The first Flatcoated Retriever came into our life in 1985, this was the dog Wanderer. We where so excited about the breed that we decided that we would have another one. This was the dog Eswood fan it Wâd who became Dutch Champion in 1991. From Eswood his first mating we took a puppybitch: Gentle Glancy Girl van Driehoeksland. Ginny is the bitch we started breeding from, this was in 1991 under the kennelname "Ginnesder" (the three names of our dogs put together). Because of healthproblems we stopped breeding from this line.

A new start was made under the name "Featherstone's" with dogs of the Branchalwood-kennel from Scotland.  The first one was imported in 1994, this was the dog Branchalwood Hill of Wirran (Ch.Branchalwood Stroan X Branchalwood Drumfearn). One year later the bitch Branchalwood Strathshian came to us (Sh.Ch. Kenjo Black Mark X Sh.Ch.Branchalwood Fionnlighe). She became VDH Champion and we started breeding from her in 1998, in combination with Ch.Camwood Flying Dutchman, and the new start began.



Lizzy has given birth to 12 puppy's today!
There are 9 dogs and 3 bitches.

There are a few dogs available!


Our Lizzy (Featherstone's Cassiopeia) is mated today by Seaheart New Moon.
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Lizzy (Featherstone's Cassiopeia) her eyetest is done today.
The vet decleared her free with compliments!


Today we've got the hipscore of :izzy (Featherstone's Cassiopeia).
The result is A


Lizzy (Featherstone's Cassiopeia) has her kneetest done today.
The result is Patella Luxation Free!

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